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HCTI mosaic

energy-water analytics engine

Mosaic is an advanced energy-water analytics engine, providing deep learning insights into central plant efficiency. Designed and built on decades of industry best practices, Mosaic compliments existing building management systems with actionable insights.

With an open protocol open framework Mosaic is seamlessly integrated into new or existing central plant infrastructure, providing an in-depth visualization of the relationship between energy efficiency, water efficiency,  asset and program management.

- Actionable Insights -

U.S. Department Of Energy estimates buildings waste up to 30% of the energy they consume due to inefficiencies. Mosaic tables actionable insight, not just more big data. Backed by industry leading subject matter experts, Mosaic can autonomously process rules and algorithms specific to application, providing deep learning where it matters most.

Mosaic Applications:

– Energy Management

– Water Program Management

– Building Automation

– Industrial Automation

– Agriculture

– Food Processing

– Data Center

– Enterprise Management

Mosaic Integrative Data Centric Approach
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